Sunday, July 30, 2006


So Friday night I was in the car with Amber after Muse and "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister comes on the radio. And I immediately recall this dream I had in fifth grade where I was making a snowman on the playground and these two popular girls who were twins knocked it down and I started singing this song at them. Kinda funny, right? But what's even funnier is that when we finally get to the Graham residence for some post concert fun, Kerry is singing "We're Not Gonna Take It" on karaoke! Crazy!

Their karaoke machine is best, by the way, because it has a camera that feeds into the TV! It's like you're in your own video! Disclaimer: whatever was heard and/or seen of me in that living room that night will never be done in public. It was pretty horrendous, but fun nonetheless.

Also, know why I'm awesome? Cause I hooked up my own digital cable box all by myself this weekend! I got a free upgrade from Comcast...