Saturday, April 15, 2006

Buy Me Some Peanuts

I went to the batting cages with Matt yesterday and hit the shit out of some balls. Apparently I'm full of surprises! I just woke up now and my arm is all hurty, whaaaaa...

It was confirmed last night that deciding to buy Tigers tix was a fantastic choice. The weather was beautiful, sunny, 74 degrees. Our seats are only 19 rows back in the right field box. We ate some peanuts, drank some daquiris. Perfect night. Tigers hit a few homers and won 5-1. And the makeup of our little group is outstanding! Grambo and Kerry, Jackie and Jeff (who I accidently referred to as Jack and Jeffie AGAIN last night! Ha!), and Chris and Leslie who I just met but are the nicest people. Looking forward to more perfect nights at Copa and hopefully more wins! Who's your Tiger?!