Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Off

Here's to the start of a beautiful Spring Break...

I ended up going through the Majestic to get tix for the editors/stellastarr show tonight. We were afraid it might sell out even though the Strokes are in town tonight too. It's just me and Emily, wanna come? She's my concert pal this week. We 'll probably have dinner down there before the show. Any suggestions?

We went to see the Stills on Monday too. The show didn't sell well at all so it got moved down to the shelter which was the best thing ever for us! I haven't been there in forever. Small venues are the best! They were great live and they look great live too. There's nothing like skinny boys with messy hair and guitars (or drums) (or a piano) (or...well nevermind, you get it). I was going to try to post a picture, but I still suck at this whole posting thing so, sorry, guess you had to be there with us and all the Canadians and the kids.

Also looking forward to my first Tigers game of the season tomorrow night. I'm meeting up with Grambo at the Ellwood pregame cause he's got the day off tomorrow too! Good times.

Next week I'd like to: get my hair cut, paint my kitchen, clean up my yard, and keep up with running. Exciting, huh?

LOST has been great the past two weeks, but now we have to suffer another month-long hiatus? WTF? They're ratings are going down the toilet slowly but surely, I wonder why!

Is the backlash against the Killers far enough in the past to admit that I really still like "Change Your Mind" the song that has been on the "Thank You for Smoking" previews? Just wondering.