Monday, February 27, 2006

Photo Booth

It wouldn't matter if we were stranded in desert because I have so much freakin fun with these people! It just helps that we were in Chicago! I miss them like crazy! Anyway, we did the Ikea thing, hit up some dive bars, ate at a weird Middle Eastern restaurant with belly was great. I also loaded up my ipod with thousands more songs. The Beatles alone saved hours of my time.

In other news, my over-the-top 40-something classroom assistant goes to get her eye brows done at Todd's in Bham last week. As she crosses the street she passes Chris Martin and stops him to say hello. She then proceeds into Todd's where she blabs her mouth and the crowd goes wild and drags him into the salon. Apparently he's like the most gracious, friendly guy/celeb ever. They talked about his tattoo and his hair and he was supposedly going to go in Thursday for a haircut. Who knows. Crazy, huh?

No class + Rob Dickinson show= Monday Night Fun