Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Super Slacker-Blogger

So. Maybe I've been more like slacker-blogger than super-blogger, but I'll try harder. Promise. I mean, there were all these big events to report on like Super Bowl parties and Dorkwave. And then there were other things like getting pulled over and watching The Aristocrats for the first (and maybe only) time. But it seems irrelevant now...

Anyway, inspired by Liz's crush on her Ipod, I decided to try my Ipod Shuffle Feature while training, er walking, today. And here's what she threw at me - not bad at all:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Shout Out Louds
Sarah McLachlan
Brendan Benson
Our Lady Peace
Tori Amos
Counting Crows
The National
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Encore)
The Hold Steady
Smashing Pumpkins

I think this is my new favorite listening format! It almost rivals my premeditated mixes, except for the surprises. There were pleasant ones like Sarah's Elsewhere which I haven't heard in years but used to be a favorite and annoying ones like some mediocre OLP song that made me want to skip ahead.

I had dinner tonight at the new Sports Bar 24 Seconds in Berkley that opened in December right next to the Front. I recommend the spinach artichoke dip (if you don't mind a lot of garlic), and for my veggie friends, I recommend the buffalo chicken tenders. I wonder if the bar is effecting business at the Front...

Anyway, here's to a future of shorter and more frequent posts. Cheers.