Sunday, June 11, 2006

Done and Done

So I'm cleaning up this morning after the party with the help of none other than Big Matt, and he decides to have a glass of beer from the keg. While he is drinking his slightly chilled beer under the shade of the tent, I decide I'm going to pump cups of beer to empty the keg before we return it. 1 beer...2 beers...and Matt suggests we just let it run. So I did. Except it started sputtering and spouting. Air. No more beer! We did it! We finished off the keg short of 3 CUPS! And you said it couldn't be done...

Thanks everybody for such a fun birthday! Special honors go to Amber for coming the farthest and staying the longest. And maybe Andy for getting the drunkest. And my sister Emily for sticking it out without any of her own friends. And Matt for being unexpectedly helpful.