Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas (Barely)

The weekend got off to a great start as Emily P convinced us to go out out instead of just kind of going out. We are looking fabulous and are heading toward the club Tao in the Venetian when we are stopped by a guy who incidentally asks "Are you ladies going to Tao?" and escorts us past the very long line straight into the club, no cover. Being a girl in Vegas rocks! We danced the night away, got drunk on $10 mixed drinks, and ordered McDs (which is conveniently located in our hotel) before crashing back at the hotel. This was my best night. Because the next evening I stupidly left my wallet on the taxi after dinner and without ID was barred from any further clubbing experiences. Sucked. I spent the night calling cab companies, credit card companies, and waking up my family in Detroit to fax me a copy of my passport, birth certificate, and ss card. I tried to suck it up though and got to the pool bright and early the next morning while the girls slept off their hangovers since they didn't get home til 7 AM! I ended up having a pretty good time despite my mishap and the airport even let me get on the plane with a little extra hassle! And no puking on the plane, yay!