Tuesday, January 23, 2007

when you stick a song on a tape, you set it free

i am sort of obsessed with the new book i am reading love is a mix tape by rob sheffield.
a) it is a great, great love story
b) i am in love with the concept of the mix tape and always have been

i haven't made one in years, but i remember sitting in front of the stereo for hours trying to achieve the right combination and best flow as i pressed pause and deliberated over my next selection. mix tapes were essential when i was driving around the 85 chevy celebrity that still had a tape player and before digital music and cd burning were common. in fact, my 93 grand am had a tape player at first too, and it was a big decision to replace it with a cd player. i had wanted a combination, but they weren't easy to come by and they weren't cheap either. so that was the end. my last mix tapes included stuff like rusted root, sarah mclachlan, guster, indigo girls, tori, dmb, the cranberries, and (strangely) arrested development and the cure. funny.

anyway, you should read the book.

and make me a mix.



I think it went something like this:
A Kevin Smith look-a-like has one ticket for sale for the sold out (damn Canadians) Sloan show Saturday night. Ticketless Jackie, Emily, and Sarah have gotten two-thirds lucky and scored 2 tix from Chris and Leslie who can't make it. But I still need a ticket so I don't have to miss the show and turn around and drive home. Kevin Smith is swarmed by hopefuls in the alley next to St. Andrew's. People are begging. We even offer him twice what he's asking for. He shows integrity when he refuses to sell for anything more than face value. And it comes down to myself and another guy who only need a single ticket. Kevin Smith proposes we Rochambeau for it.
The crowd looks on.
I go paper over rock.
We both go paper-paper.
I go scissors cut paper.
I am the Rochambeau champion! I won rights to the ticket
fair and square!
It was awesome.